Nature presented in its entire splendor. Wildlife seen in natural habitats has a profound affect on human nature. Witnessing the snow leopard in the Himalayas or leopard seals in the most southern oceans are magnificent travel experiences. Birding destinations abound all over this planet. Live for the roar of a jungle beast or the serene silence of watching a stalking lion in action. 

Jungle Sutra

Who is watching whom? Did you know that India has over 1300 species of birds? Staring down from the canopy in a diversity of forests and landscapes, new species still being discovered.


An off road traffic jam of Llamas high in the Andes, or a flock of sheep crossing the road in Patagonia become the impromptu diversions we talk about over and over. Always on the lookout, travellers are keen and ready for sightings of the mighty Condor overhead.


Patagonia’s huge area of mountains, glacial lakes and remote fjords are home to a fascinating array of mammals, birds and marine species, some of which are endemic only to South America.