Aldous Huxley famously said ‘to travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries’. Your eyes feast on local sites, while your brain imprints lasting memories through aromatic aromas. Memories of hand signals used in place of speaking a foreign language bring laughter. Cultural experiences shape the way we look at the world the rest of our lives.


Creative Travel India

Enjoy a true journey of the senses. India at it’s finest. Visiting the historic sites of the ‘Golden Triangle’ or engaging a tea sommelier at the finest tea growing estate, India delivers a myriad of experiences.


Focus on turning a well-planned trip into a life-enriching experience for sophisticated travellers. Personalized and experiential journeys allow you to explore hidden cultural gems of Argentina.


explora Travesia

Overland travel, where the journey is the principle goal, that starts or ends in an award winning lodge and takes you along tailor made routes across regions or countries. People, places and feelings equal lifetime memories.