Active Travel

There is nothing quite like exploring a new land under your own power. Walking, cycling or riding along the trade winds like a true explorer. Discover secrets only known by the locals. Try new food. Relax. Pack light to enjoy the journey. These remarkable travel experiences provide the backdrop. Just add motivation.


Get up close and personal as you walk amongst the flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego. Feel the quality of the silence to be enjoyed in the pristine geological forests at the end of the earth.

Jungle Sutra

Feel the exhilaration of being on safari in the wildlife parks in India. Open-air jeep drives, walks or transport by canoe gets you and your wildlife expert guide right into the heart of the jungle.


Remote and unique hiking routes give you time for contemplation, or perhaps a high altitude achievement. Enjoy the view from horseback or mountain bike trails, or go overland in specially equipped vehicles.