increase sales in canada


éminence specializes in representing unique, niche focused travel providers.

Every day, we work from coast to coast to inform, educate and enlighten customers.

This includes the press and the stars of the Canadian travel industry.

Finding a better way to sell, market and position our portfolio of travel experiences in the limelight is our number one job.


It’s a big country. Providing travel companies with a local sales & marketing presence is important.

We put specialty travel in the spotlight by performing sales calls to enhance product knowledge, participate at the right local and global events, conducting webinars and provide a local, digital presence.

The result? Increased sales from Canada.


In a complex industry, our goal is simple: establish our portfolio as one of the top choices of specialty travel providers.

We foster the best professional relationships within the group and incentive sector, specialty tour operators, retail travel agencies and consumer partners.

Services range from individual project management through to providing customized, complete strategy plans.